Discontinued- Original, Expert Version of the 'Gardener's Stone'

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This is the first ever Gardener’s Stone, an informational artwork by Wyndmoor artist Jack Bellis. You might think of it as a sculptural Farmer’s Almanac® of the local growing climate, cast in stone. Add it to your garden to inform, delight, and inspire.

Simple, Beautiful, Interesting

Place it in a planting bed or even under occasional foot traffic, with the North/South compass rose facing South. The three arcs symbolize the Sun’s angle in the seasons, with key facts: sunrise and set times, first and last frost, and peak foliage time. Other information includes days of sunlight, inches of rain, the USDA plant hardiness zone, and inspirational quotes.

First Edition Wording, 2023

  • First Edition
  • The Delaware Valley
  • Winter: Sunrise 7 AM
  • Highest sun angle at solstice 26°
  • Last frost, April 6, Sunset 4:30 PM
  • Spring/Fall: Peak Foliage October 5 – 20
  • First frost October 27
  • Summer: Sunrise 5:30 AM
  • Highest sun angle at solstice 73°
  • Growing season, 192 days
  • 41° North 75° West
  • 41” Rain, 215 Days Sun
  • Hardiness Zone 7A (2 coldest/10 warmest)
  • Average Low 0-5°
  • Life begins the day you start a garden. 
— Chinese Proverb
  • Before you dig, call 811
  • My most beautiful masterpiece is my garden.  — Monet
  • © 2023 Bellis, 1st Edition
  • GardenersStone.com TM

Physical Information

  • 22.5” x 11” x 2”
  • 16 pounds
  • Made of CTS Cement All multi-purpose construction material. This is extremely strong and can be stepped on safely if it is fully supported underneath by dirt. 
  • Colors: Avocado green, or terracotta brown-orange.
  • Tinted with weather and light stable Goodtake iron oxide pigment and/or Lancaster Lime Works lime plaster pigment. 
  • Light colored pigments have been used so that dirt accumulation in the lettering, invariably darkening over time, will provide natural contrast and legibility.
  • Coated with clear spray coating. Reapply as desired, but allowing natural aging and patina is also fine.

100% Internal Pigment

Color won't wear off

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