Never wonder when you watered

(All of our gardening-related products are currently available only directly through Foliage plant store in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA USA.)

Place this with your houseplants and set the glass beads to mark the month and day each time you water. No more wondering when you… or or that special someone watered.

Simple, Beautiful, Interesting

Pour some water in the wells at the top to learn how fast water evaporates and see the difference in the seasons. Made of durable, high-strength stone, each Watering Leaf™ is signed and numbered by the artist.

Coming Soon... Watering Reminder 6" Pot

I’m making good progress on the successor to the watering leaf, a 6-inch plant pot that you simply turn the top part to indicate the day you watered. It’s turned out to be quite an undertaking. If I knew the entire design in advance, then 3D printing would have been the best route. Instead, it’s taken almost every tool in my shop and three different attempts to produce the mold for the bottom part. If all goes well I might have some available by May 19th’s Chestnut Hill Garden Festival.

100% Internal Pigment

Color won't wear off

Easy Returns

No Questions Asked