Medieval Chess Set in Pewter

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This unique chess set is being offered directly by the artist, Jack Bellis of Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, USA (near Philadelphia). Crafted from solid pewter, it features 12 intricate sculptures—a typical chess set has 6—that are sure to leave any chess enthusiast or art lover slack-jawed. 

Knight closeup


The sculpting style is similar to Rodin’s in that it is impressionistic, more so than ultra-realist. Try to understand that you are getting an extreme and unprecedented work of art, not any old chess set. For the full details, see the Etsy description.




Archer with Dog

My dog Lance accompanies this archer. The pawns are the life of the set, comprising 6 different characters, compared to just one for traditional sets.


Stone Thrower

This is war. You use what you got.

The Executioner

Tough job but someone has to handle morale.

Archer Reloading