About 'Us'

I make stuff

These garden objects are just the latest figment of my imagination to come to life.. in about 50 years of making all sorts of stuff.

A few examples are shown below.

Tinkertoy sofa, wood, fabric, 1975

Cupid pendant, gold-plated bronze, 1985

Abstract, oil, 1994 (?)

Chess set and board, bronze, gold-plate, cherry (?), maple, 1985-2024. Now available for the first time in affordable pewter: Buy it on Etsy, $649.00


Repetitive strain book, 234 pages, 2000.
Eleven hardcopy printings. Now ebook only.

36-Inch bas relief sculpture of Shackleton expedition, gypsum, 2006

Pot Rack, 2004

Sax and Trumpet players, gypsum, 2009